Converter (Transducer) 35 kHz 1200 Watt USK1235R


Mounting by clamping


Konverter USK1235R – powerful!

The converter USK1235R offers high power in a slimline housing for 35 kHz applications. A light aluminum endpiece and a rigid stainless steel housing characterise this converter. It can beform best when limited space and easy mounting have to be kept in mind.

Areas of application

  • Ultrasonic welding of plastics in all variations
  • Spot welding of foils and plates
  • Embedding brass bushings
  • Stripping thermocouples and heating conductors
  • Cutting foams, fleeces and fabrics

simple mounting

The converter USK1235R is mounted by clamping around the housing. The rigid stainless steel housing withstands even higher clamping pressure. We are also happy to offer you an individual solution for your welding or cutting task. Please send us an email to or contact us by phone.

Technical data converter USK1235R

Power: 1.200 W peak
Frequency: 35kHz
Housing: Stainless Steel
Mounting: Circumference clamping
Connector: LEMO-Plug
Supplied accessories: M8 coupling screw (item no. 30400002)
Customs tariff number: 85 15 80 90

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