Special-purpose machines at a high level

mth Ultraschalltechnologie is a manufacturer and supplier of customised machines for the optimisation and automation of your plastic joining production. We work for medium-sized companies and industrial operations throughout Europe that save time and money through customised automation. Starting with the idea, through the concept to realisation, we offer special-purpose machines at a high level.

Tailored to specific requirements, these machines are used in automation, plastic joining and ultrasonic welding and play a key role in various joining processes.

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Methodical engineering

The times when special-purpose machine construction was primarily a question of mechanics are a thing of the past. Control systems, electrical systems, safety technology and several software-based tasks complement the engineering problem to some extent equally in the design and manufacture of custom-built machines.

In addition, neighbouring specialist areas also place more specific demands on us as a manufacturer of custom-built machines. Our methodical engineering approach therefore plays a decisive role in planning, new development, optimisation and implementation.

The joining technology section emphasises the versatility of our customised machines, which are capable of various processes such as hot caulking, electrofusion welding, high-frequency welding, laser transmission welding, circular welding and friction welding.

Customised machine engineering for your needs and complex challenges

You don’t invest in a custom-built machine every day. Every new project in custom-built machine engineering is an individual challenge. We plan the function, electrics and mechanics in parallel from the outset in consultation with our clients. With the support of innovative software, the system can be put into virtual operation even before the parts are manufactured and assembled. The advantages are a low error rate, lower costs and shorter delivery times. With this concept, we create customised machines that produce stably right from the start and only require detailed readjustment after completion in individual cases.
Our focus is on holistic customisation down to the last detail and ensures efficiency, security and seamless integration. Our range of services covers all steps in the modern production of special-purpose machines: methodical engineering, mechanical design, software-based control inclusive. Connection to your ERP and MES, use front design, customised switch cabinet construction, the creation of a detailed digitally functional copy and, last but not least, the turnkey construction of the entire special-purpose machine in our company.

Custom-built machine engineering – Made in Germany

Well-designed production systems are the result of in-depth expertise. We develop machines and system components for our customers entirely in-house, taking into account the entire production process and thus sustainably reducing production costs across the entire value chain.

Well-known customers from various industries throughout Europe are already benefiting from our expertise and automation know-how, which has grown over 30 years. We will show you the adaptability of our customised machines, which master methods such as hot bonding, electrofusion welding, high-frequency welding, laser transmission welding, orbital friction welding and friction welding. Tailored to your specifications, these machines guarantee seamless assembly and robust connections suitable for various materials.

Reliability and quality

For us, being reliable means fulfilling and, in the best case, exceeding our customers’ expectations. Meeting deadlines is just as important to us as our customers. This is why we draw up a detailed plan at the start of each project and consult with you at defined intervals during project implementation.
To us, reliability also means the dependable operation of our special machines and system components. If a repair is required, we offer competent, customised project support at short notice.

Interested in finding out more details?

Let’s talk to each other. Due to the many current possibilities of automation, the growing need for process optimisation is becoming increasingly important in order to survive in the market. We guarantee a prompt response to every enquiry and present you with ideas for your requirements during the initial discussions. Get in touch with us.
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Do you have questions?

We are happy to help you personally:

Do you have questions?

We are happy to help you personally with your individual wishes and requirements:


Customised switch cabinets

Perfectly customised to your special-purpose machine: We build a switch cabinet built to your needs.