Ultrasonic hand welders

Manual ultrasonic welding units from mth Ultraschalltechnologie are perfectly designed for manual welding of thermoplastic parts. They are now standard in many industries and have proven themselves for decades. mth manual welding units are characterised in particular by the perfect coordination of generator, converter and the sonotrode designed for the respective welding task.

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Welding plastics with the ultrasonic hand welder

Thermoplastics can be heated locally and joined under pressure in fractions of a second using ultrasound. In contrast to other methods, neither an adhesive or welding filler nor a large heat source is required. As soon as the ultrasonic emission is interrupted, the plastic in the joining zone begins to solidify and can be loaded after just a few seconds.

How are ultrasonic manual welding devices used?

We have compiled the most important information on setting up the device and commissioning as a video. You will also find tips and possible solutions in the event of faults. Regardless of whether you want to weld deep-drawn parts, moulded parts or sheet material. You must always first determine the correct welding parameters using test pieces.

“Welding on time” and “Welding on energy”

The K1 generator supports you with the integrated “Weld on time” and “Weld on energy” functions. When welding to a preset time value, the generator interrupts the ultrasonic output after the time has elapsed. At the same time, the energy emitted until the time has elapsed is displayed. If you have achieved a satisfactory welding result, you can specify the energy determined in this way as the target value. The generator now interrupts the sound emission as soon as the desired energy has been emitted, regardless of the contact pressure. This function makes welding child’s play!

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Energy-efficient welding

All generators have standard functions for time-controlled and energy-controlled welding. With time-controlled welding, the ultrasonic output is automatically stopped after the preset time and the energy output is displayed.


Our ultrasonic boosters

The ultrasonic boosters (amplitude transformers) regulate the input amplitude at the sonotrode using a transmission ratio of usually 1:1 to around 1:3. Our boosters are available for 20 kHz, 22 kHz, 30 kHz, 35 kHz and 40 kHz.


Energy-efficient welding

For more than two decades, we have been manufacturing sonotrodes in-house for various ultrasonic systems from different manufacturers suitable for common applications such as welding, cut-off welding, riveting, embossing, punching and cutting.