Ultrasonic hand welder USH 800/40 40E AIR


Universal ultrasonic hand welder with 40 kHz / 800 W and sonotrode cooling for a long sonotrode service life. Our recommendation for high cycle rates and long welding times.

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Ultrasonic hand welder USH 800/40 40E AIR

Whether in the automotive industry, household goods or the construction sector — wherever plastics need to be joined together quickly and permanently, ultrasonic welding is at the forefront. It not only offers short cycle times but also particularly high energy efficiency. Depending on the sonotrode used, there are many possible applications. These are for example:

  • Spot welding
  • Riveting
  • Non-woven welding
The integrated cooling air supply to the probe reduces the heating of the probe tip and thus increases the possible number of cycles. The air volume can be adjusted via a throttle valve in the generator. In addition, the cooling time can be freely programmed in the menu so that only the absolutely necessary amount of compressed air is used in an energy-efficient manner.

Easy to use — clear in detail

The USH 800/40 40E AIR ultrasonic hand welder is characterised by a clearly structured menu structure and an ergonomic handle. The clearly structured menu navigation allows the parameters to be quickly adjusted to the welding task. By default, welding can be carried out to a fixed time as well as to a fixed energy value. The latter minimises the influence of the welding force and thus leads to high reproducibility of the weld, especially with frequently changing operators.

The integrated piece counter enables the processing of larger order batches and can be reset via the menu. The menu language can be set to German, English, French or Polish.

Why ultrasonic?

Welding is the only way to join thermoplastics permanently with a strength close to the tensile strength of the base material. This is exactly where our ultrasonic hand welder comes in: In contrast to thermal processes such as hot stamping, ultrasound heats the plastic locally and it solidifies in fractions of a second as soon as the energy supply is interrupted. As a result, a large number of welding points can be set precisely within a very short time, minimising the stress on the base material.

Scope of delivery ultrasonic hand welder USH 800/40 40E AIR

Instructions for using the ultrasonic welding unit

We recommend using a hard fibre board as a base for welding so that the sonotrode cannot come into contact with the metal surfaces underneath.
Here we show you the correct setting of the appliance on our youtube channel.
And if something does break, mth has the right spare parts such as converters, probes or tools in stock. For very urgent cases, we have a limited number of rental devices that we can make available to you at short notice.