Ultrasonic hand welding gun USH 40E AIR LEMO


Hand welding gun with sonotrode cooling

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Ultrasonic hand welding gun USH 40E AIR LEMO

With the USH 40E AIR ultrasonic hand welding gun, we have redefined mobile plastic welding. With its ergonomic 2-component housing, the USH 40E allows fatigue-free working, even in unfavourable positions and at high cycle rates. The proven USK 840 ultrasonic converter has been optimised for use in the manual welding gun and is used in the USK 840U variant.

Scope of delivery

  • Transducer USK840U
  • Start button
  • Bend protection cover
  • Hosepack and cooling air tube
  • 5 m mth cable with LEMO plug

Technical details

The USH 40E AIR has a central connector that establishes all connections to the generator. You can insert or remove this plug with one hand. The 5 metre long special cable offers a large range of movement. The manual welder can therefore be used in any position, not only directly at the workplace but also in the workshop, in the vehicle or in the stable. The USH 40E AIR is also available with a suspension for balancers. There is a sturdy quiver for mounting on the workbench for all guns, so that the workstation remains clearly organised, and a separate pneumatic hose on the cable supplies the compressed air. The cooling air tube is interchangeable and can therefore be adapted to the respective probe length.

Application instructions for the ultrasonic hand welding gun

We recommend always using a non-metallic base when welding. This can be a hard fibre board, for example. Any contact of the probe with metal surfaces underneath should be avoided.
And if something does break, mth has the right spare parts such as converters, probes or tools in stock. For very urgent cases, we have a limited number of rental devices that we can make available to you at short notice.

Additional information

Weight 1,1 kg
Dimensions 400 × 400 × 100 mm

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