Flexible plastic welding machine with ultrasound


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Flexible plastic welding machine with ultrasound and interchangeable tools

One for everything. Our flexible ultrasonic plastic welding machines for high-variance mass production in the automotive industry.

The modular design of this plastic welding machine makes changing tools child’s play. The entire machine control system, the ultrasonic generators and the pneumatics are installed in the basic machine. The complete mould, consisting of the article holder and the upper mould, is fully set up in a change carriage and is only connected to the basic machine via two compact plug connectors. Time-consuming set-up processes between the upper mould and the article holder are eliminated, as is the manual handling of the article holder. The tool trolley is equipped with 2 sturdy, lockable swivel castors and 2 fixed castors. Tools can be changed by one person within a few minutes without additional means of transport. The correct welding programme is automatically loaded by coding the connectors. The integrated locking mechanism ensures that the trolley cannot be moved out of the base machine in an uncontrolled manner.

The flexible plastic welding machine with many possibilities

Additional article variants can be realised with further interchangeable trolleys.

The machine shown is configured for the simultaneous welding (left/right) of two B-pillar claddings, each with 9 welding points, article monitoring by means of DataMatrix scanning and extensive individual part scanning.

The ultrasonic equipment is based on our proven 40 kHz converters from the USK840 series. All sonotrodes are designed by mth based on the CAD component contour and manufactured from high-quality titanium. The item holder, which is also manufactured according to CAD data, is made of our special plastic, which has been tried and tested for decades and offers maximum protection against surface damage, even with sensitive or painted components.

Technical data

Generators: Up to 9 ultrasonic generators with 40 kHz / 800 W
Welding points: Up to 27 welding points per tool trolley
Dimensions: Basic machine (WxDxH): 2,100 x 1,500 x 2,560 mm
Tool trolley (WxDxH): 1,100 x 1,190 x 1,850 mm


Standard equipment

  • Robust high-speed door with monitoring
  • Ergonomic start button without switching travel
  • incl. Siemens S7-1500 control system Comfort Panel
  • System pneumatics from Festo / Aventics
  • Machine frame with monitored inspection doors
  • Illuminated workspace
  • incl. Welding on path, time and energy Extensive monitoring functions


Optional equipment

  • QR code or data matrix scanner with release interface to higher-level MES
  • User identification with SmartCard
  • Parts and components queries
  • Digital individual pressure control via electronic proportional valves
  • Position measuring system on each traversing unit


Optional functions

  • Data exchange with higher-level control technology
  • User-defined behaviour for nIO parts
  • Archive function for parameters and tool data