Ultrasonic manure band welder – Offer for DGS magazine readers!


For manure and egg belts in poultry farming.

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For reasons of hygiene, manure belts in particular should be cleaned regularly and replaced if damaged or excessively soiled. This compact ultrasonic manure belt welding device is specially designed for welding manure and egg belts in poultry farming. The composition of the sets takes into account the constantly increasing requirements of modern poultry farming. As a DGS magazine reader, you receive special conditions from us.

Ultrasonic manure belt welder USH 800/40 40E compact

The appliance is characterised by a clearly structured menu structure and an ergonomic handle. Once adjusted to the belt material used, it is generally no longer necessary to make any changes to the generator, so that even the occasional user always achieves excellent welded joints. The robust and waterproof case offers safe storage of the device. It is easy to clean and therefore offers effective protection against the entry of pathogens and parasites.

Why ultrasonic?

Welding is the only way to permanently bond the PP material and withstand permanent loads. This is exactly where our ultrasonic hand welder comes in: In contrast to thermal processes such as hot stamping, ultrasound heats the plastic locally and it solidifies in fractions of a second as soon as the energy supply is interrupted. As a result, a large number of welding points can be set within a very short time, thus minimising the load in the barn.

Scope of delivery of the ultrasonic manure belt welder

  • Ultrasonic generator K1 800W / 40kHz with a range of functions specially adapted for belt welding
  • Ultrasonic hand welding gun 40E
  • Robust mth cable with LEMO industrial plug, 5 m long
  • USK 840 transducer
  • Sonotrode 40kHz made of aluminium, mth-035295 for manure belt with a thickness of 0.8-1.2 mm
  • Tool set
  • Operating instructions German / English
  • Transport case

Instructions for using the ultrasonic manure belt welder

We recommend using a hard fibre board as a base for welding so that the sonotrode cannot come into contact with the metal surfaces underneath.
Here we show you the correct setting of the appliance on our youtube channel.
And if something does break, mth has the right spare parts such as converters, probes or tools in stock. For very urgent cases, we have a limited number of rental devices that we can make available to you at short notice.

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