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Converter USK840D – with quick clamping system!

The basic features of the USK840D converter have been on the market for decades and have proven themselves thousands of times over. The combination of titanium oscillating element and anodized aluminum housing gives the USK840D an unexpected level of rigidity. This means it can demonstrate its advantages wherever low weight and precise guidance are important. This applies in particular to use in hand-held welding devices and in automated welding machines in which high travel speeds must be achieved.

In contrast to the USK840, the USK840D is attached with a clamping ring. This allows very precise adjustment of the sonotrode position and, if necessary, changing the oscillation unit without tools.

Areas of application

  • Ultrasonic welding of plastics in all variations
  • Spot welding of foils and plates
  • Embedding brass bushings
  • Stripping thermocouples and heating conductors
  • Cutting foams, fleeces and fabrics

Ideal for robotic applications

Englisch Its low weight makes the USK840D the ideal converter when it comes to using robots in automated welding and cutting machines. Englisch As a special version, the USK840D is also available with connections for internal cooling.

Various mounting options

The USK840D converter is mounted concentrically with a clamping flange. A variety of flanges, fastening brackets, etc. are available as holders, e.g. for direct attachment to the DFM double guide cylinder or other pneumatic cylinders. We are also happy to offer you an individual solution for your welding or cutting task. Please send us an email to or contact us by phone.

Technical data converter USK840D

Power: 800W – power-enhanced version
Frequency: 40kHz
Housing: aluminum, black anodized
Fastening: Quick release system with clamping flange (item no. 20400806)
Connection: BNC plug
Supplied accessories: M8 coupling screw (item no. 30400002)
Customs tariff number: 85 15 80 90

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Datasheet USK840

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