Converter (transducer) 40 kHz 800 watt USK840U


For use in USH 40E hand welding gun


Converter USK840U – the universal talent!

The basic features of the USK840U converter have been on the market for decades and have proven themselves thousands of times over. The combination of titanium oscillating element and anodized aluminum housing gives the USK840U unimagined rigidity. The U version is specially optimized for use in hand welding machines.

Areas of application

  • Ultrasonic welding of plastics in all variations
  • Spot welding of foils and plates
  • Cutting foams, fleeces and fabrics

Optimized for use in hand welding machines

Its low weight makes the USK840U the ideal converter for manual material processing. It is used as standard in our ultrasonic hand welding gun USH 40E. The generously dimensioned SW20 hexagon allows the sonotrode to be tightened securely, even when used on construction sites.

Technical data converter USK840U

Connection dimensions compatible with Hermann Lühr and FIT USK 840 and USK 440
Power: 800W – power-enhanced version
Frequency: 40kHz
Housing: aluminum, black anodized
Fastening: PG29 screw connection (suitable union nut / use nut item no. 80000113)
Connection: BNC plug
Supplied accessories: M8 coupling screw (item no. 30400002)
Customs tariff number: 85 15 80 90

further documents

Datasheet USK840